• China 、Egypt +、Qatar, an international team composed of long-term overseas business personnel

  • Culture as the core

  • Advanced creative concept

  • Huge construction team

  • Multilateral office between China and foreign countries to avoid time difference communication,


Caiguangshangchen- top service provider of domestic culture and tourism water show, integrating design, construction and maintenance. Its business includes multimedia water dance show, music fountain ...


Caiguangshangchen - to undertake the global large-scale water show project, music fountain, water curtain film, scenic spot lighting show and other projects, the senior creative team of China&Egypt&Qatar, with "culture + technology + interaction" to create the landscape water show art with unique regional cultural 

Shanghai Huilong Lake Music Fountain
Huilonghu park extends to Haisheng road in the East, Longshan road in the south, Haifu road in the West and Longxiang road in the north, with a total land area of 29364.3 square meters. Relying on the original Changtang River, the park has built a 78 Mu lake with a large fountain in the middle. The main spray can reach up to 60 meters. There are also hydrophilic footpaths and hydrophilic platforms around for citizens to walk and play.
the Boulevard Arar project
Dancing fountain in Arar Location: Arar Boulevard in Arar City - Northern Borders - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fountain area: 100 m2 x 40 m2 The fountain is located in the middle of the Boulevard Arar, which has added an aesthetic touch to the city through the events and entertainment shows that take place on the dancing music of the fountain. There are international and local restaurants and cafes overlooking the fountain inside Arar Boulevard such as (Dunkin Donuts - Broccoli - more ...) The project was inaugurated on 7/2019 by Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan, Governor of the Northern Borders provinc and businessman Ibrahim Khalil Al-Anzi.
Shanxi Linghu Musical Fountain
Using modern technology, combined with water dance, lighting, and comprehensive performance, the water column constantly changes with the beat of the music, sometimes columnar, sometimes in the shape of an inverted trumpet, like a dancer dancing. Fully integrate the geographical and geomorphological characteristics, interpret the profound cultural connotation of Shanxi, and create a novel and creative water dance landscape, so that the night of Linghu Lake is brilliant and colorful, and the fusion of light and color is soft and gentle.
Outlet dancing fountain in 2020
The fountain covers a water area of 7500 square meters, and the equipment used include: laser, projection, 1D nozzle, 2D nozzle, DMX512 light, DMX512 water pump, etc. All equipment is controlled by Ma console through DMX512.
water curtain screen of Nanchang Wanda Marketing Center in 2020
The bubble screen is of customized size, and the bubble composition graphics and guest logo are controlled by speed control programming.
Jiawang Linyi river large one-dimensional fountain in 2019
The fountain is dominated by an arc composed of one-dimensional nozzle, and all lights are controlled by DMX512. Through the coordination and arrangement of stage lighting, the integrated stage is moved to the river, just like a ballet dancer in the water.


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